Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wish You Could Run Faster Than Most Men? Meet Keira Henninger - Ultra-Marathon Extraordinaire

I would like to give a little shout out to an amazing ultra-marathon-running woman: Keira Henninger! Keira is the race director of ultra-marathons all across California and is also a competitive ultra-marathon runner herself ranking in the top 20 women in the United States. Keira strongly believes in the positive mental benefits of running, as it has played an important part on her own emotional healing through life. In this article by Beyond Limits Magazine, Keira tells us how she discovered running and how it has helped her through challenging times. Her philosophy to life certainly isn’t one that avoids obstacles and she takes any challenge head-on.

Keira clearly kicks some serious butt - MEN'S butts!! "...One of the best things of all about my sport is that we actually race and compete against the men along with the women. I always say it’s never a bad day when you can beat 95% of the competition and most are men!”

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